The Museum of the Brzozowski’s family consists of four different exhibition buildings, surrounded by a beautiful garden. At the entrance to the museum, guests are welcomed with a handshake by a full-sized wooden married couple.

In the first building there are theme scenes with over 400 moving sculptures. There’s a wooden Nativity scene, a Corpus Christi procession, Polish hussars, a few fishermen by the river Bzura and a traditional wedding reception. Above the visitors’ heads there are folk decorations called “pająki”, which resemble chandeliers and they used to be a common decoration in old Łowicz cottages. On the walls there are traditional colourful paper cut-outs and oil paintings on canvas painted by Maria Kosińska.

At the beginning of the second building there is a four season scene with famous Polish Olympic medallists such as Kamil Stoch and Adam Małysz (ski jumpers), a cross-country skier Justyna Kowalczyk and a speed skater Zbigniew Bródka. There is also a collection of hand painted dowry chests and full-sized sculptures in old-fashioned folk outfits.

In buildings number three and four you can see a collection of horse-drawn carriages, mainly buckboards. On the walls there are horse harnesses and antique agricultural tools. You can also see a full-sized saddler making a horse collar and a cooper making a barrel. What’s more, there is also a full-sized horse and a family going back from a market accompanied by some piglets and hens.

The museum is fully sponsored by the Brzozowski family who maintain and take care of the exposition every day.